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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Canopy Beds by The Furniture Authority

Canopy Beds by The Furniture Authority
When royalty, warmth is your preference!

The bed is the heart of the bedroom. It is an extension of your style. It is a place to rest, recuperate, romance, or recharge. Canopy beds could be just what you need to show the world your style. The canopy bed has four posts that are connected together at the top with rods. These can be draped with beautiful, stunning sheer fabrics to create an old-world charm of romance and grandeur. The Furniture Authority offers a unique range of top-quality canopy beds at incredible prices.

Canopy beds are stylish remnants of medieval functionality. Medieval ceilings were made of much less sturdy material than we have nowadays, including wood, clay tiles, and stone. Dirt, pebbles, insects, and various other droppings would often fall from the ceiling, so canopy beds were used in order to prevent these from falling onto a slumbering person. Royalty also used canopy beds, although they certainly did not need protection from falling debris. For royalty, the canopy beds offered warmth and privacy, as well as ceremonial importance.

Today's modern canopy beds in metal try to recreate the sense of style and romance with graceful swirls, exquisite craftsmanship, ornate curves on grills, bold shapes, carefully engineered framing systems, beautifully crafted headboards and footboards and more. Some of the canopy beds by The Furniture Authority are manufactured from genuine or plated brass, cast zinc or aluminum, and steel or iron, and are so solidly built that they can last generations.

The design options in wood canopy beds too have shown greater innovation to reflect serenity and style. Wood canopy beds with quality framing system, intricate woodwork, rich finishes and sheer drapes lend themselves well to the classic and traditional style. Canopy beds with a touch of gold and sensuous curves in inlaid wood seem to be quite the rage. Rich finishes, classic designs, striking grills and dramatic motifs recreate the grandeur for those who enjoy a dash of adventure and drama in everyday life.

Children can also enjoy the presence of a canopy bed. Little girls might enjoy a canopy bed with a white powder coat finish and pretty flowing drapes that will take them away into their own magical dream world. Canopy beds can be fitted with cartoon themes, pastel shades, or delicate lace drapes to add personal style that your child will love. A canopy bed in your child's room is sure to spark amazing imaginative possibilities that will leave you amazed and your child ecstatic.

Canopy beds come in different sizes, from Twin to Full to Queen to King to California King. Twin is also known as Single (38" x 75"), Full as Double (53" x 75"), Queen as Queen-size (60" x 80"), King as Eastern King (76" x 80") and Cal King as California King (72" x 84"). California King-size beds are typically 12" wider than a Queen-size bed and 4" longer (best for tall people).

The Furniture Authority has partnered with more than 50 leading brands in furniture manufacturing to offer you the best canopy beds in quality and price.