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Friday, May 21, 2010

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Room to grow...

The Furniture Authority, a recognized leader in the US for top quality bedroom furniture and accessories, has partnered with 50 leading brands to offer a huge selection of kid's beds: children metal bunk beds, kid's solid wood bunk beds, kid's bunk beds that fuse a twin bed with a futon, and kid's bed frames. Nightstands and toy chests are offered to match many of these kid's beds. Most styles are offered in twin size and full size. Many of the bunk beds actually separate creating two distinct pieces of furniture.

Your child's room should be a haven of imagination. If should be bright, beautiful, and comfortable so that all of the castles, cars, fairies, and farm friends that are featured in books and captured in your child's heart can come to life with ease. Parents, help your child's dream come true by purchasing the ideal bed.

Today children's beds come in a variety of styles that include bunk, loft, canopy, sleigh, captains and daybeds. Beside the "cool factor" of kid's bunk beds, there are several practical benefits to choosing one for your child's bedroom. Whether it's one kid or two, bunk beds are a great space saver in any kid's room. They generally have storage (making them an economically wise choice), work well for sleepovers, and can stimulate the imagination as your child's bed becomes a pirate ship or dollhouse. Loft bunk beds are perfect for students. They feature a comfy bed up above and a desk, shelves and bookcase down below. They are great space savers too and work best for sleepovers and families with two or more children sharing a room.

Futon bunk beds feature a twin size bed on top and a full size futon on the bottom. The futon on the bottom can be converted from a full size bed to a couch, giving you great flexibility while maintaining ease of use. They also come in different styles and finishes (just change their covers to get new looks for your room). A daybed with an optional trundle drawer makes a handy extra sleeping space. Just pull the drawer out and put a mattress inside whenever you need an additional bed for sleepovers or overnight guests. Captain's kid's beds offer additional storage for clothes, toys and extra bedding with several spacious drawers. Your child's room will have a rich, elegant feel with a sleigh bed. A canopy bed, on the other hand, will lead your child into a world of fantasy to live his/her dreams. Expand these with a decorating theme - a race car, golden coach, sailor's private boat - and you have a winner on your hands.

When decorating a child's room, it can be difficult to make everything come together. Children's bedding sets can really help to set the tone for your child's bedroom. They are great for infants and for teenagers alike. They make it convenient to choose the style that you and your child like best. Children bedding sets are versatile. With reversible comforters, neutral sheet sets and a couple different accessories, a room can easily be changed as the interests of the child changes. A bedding set for your child will also be easy to clean and offers the child a chance to express his/her individuality with ease. Additionally, shopping for bedding is significantly easier, as the sets contain everything one needs and eliminates the need to match colors or styles. Today there are choices galore: character beddings, bed linen, accessories, quilt covers, curtains, wallpapers, borders, blankets, beach towels, rugs, wall clocks, alarm clocks, mirrors (Disney, Postman Pat, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Bratz, Walt Disney, etc.) and more, depending on your budget and imagination.

The Furniture Authority
has partnered with 50 leading brands in furniture manufacturing to offer top quality at incredible prices in children's furniture and bedding sets.